Tankless water heaters for your Tahoe or Truckee home

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This week Tahoe ‘s Best Plumbing installed a Navien tankless water heater. We decided to use Navien because other water heater brands were giving us some issues with something called “sandwiching”. This is when your water goes cold in the middle of a shower. Installing a tankless water heater is not complicated but you must be thorough in planning before you install. A tankless water heater can use 190,000 btu’s. This will most likely already outsize your gas supply line. It’s important to do a gas schematic of your house listing all the gas appliances and how far they are from your gas meter. We liked the Navien because it has several options: the venting is quick and easy, the supply lines are 3/4″ instead of 1/2″ which helps with water volume and pressure in your house. It also offers a recirculating pump to keep up with hot water demand. If you have an interest in a tankless water heater, call Tahoe’s best plumbing for a free quote.

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