Tips to keep your pipes from freezing and bursting

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We live in the Tahoe Truckee area and so we are not strangers to cold weather. However, due to the many second homeowners and rentals here, we get a fair share of frozen and broken pipe calls every winter.
Here are a few tips to help prevent frozen and broken pipes.
First and foremost, you should know where your water shut off is. If it’s not easily accessible, call us and we can install a water shut off valve that is inside and easy to get to. The last thing that you want to do is crawl under your house when it’s freezing outside!
Most importantly, make sure to shut off your main water and drain your system if you leave your home for any extended period of time during the winter.
Always keep your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees.
Make sure that you have good insulation and your pipes are not exposed to the elements. Exposed pipes are more susceptible to freezing.

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